Monday, October 5, 2015

Exploration 5 - Eli Kuntupis

The blog I read was "Haters Gonna Hate (but not Mate)". The article was about how he was recently critiqued by The New York Times. "Mr. Money. Mustache" offered a very interesting argument for why people hate on others. He claims that its human nature to hate on those above us so the person that is hating can raise their own social status. He uses some humor which made me feel that the paper was more relatable and laid back.

The website/article I recommend is a website called Theres a particular article that I've read recently that is relevant currently in the world of politics. The article is

This article talks about the recent politicians that have claimed to have boosted their state's economy. However this article takes a deeper look to analyze wether or not these claims are true. This website is very helpful to educate yourself more upon current global issues and i would recommend it to anybody that is looking for interesting viewpoints on current issues regardless of where they stand on the issue.


  1. It is human nature to always dislike the successful people due to jealousy. They try to make feel people feel smaller and like they arent worthy and also idolize themselves to the point which they feel like they are stronger than everyone. I am also large on politics myself so I will have to check out the website myself.

  2. I loved our discussion today in class!
    I think I will definitely be using your website reference in the future, especially now since I'm a registered voter and it will be my first time being able to give a real impact on the world. I want to be able to be educated and know the real facts instead of just what TV tells me is right!


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