Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Exploration 5: Brandon Smith

     I chose the article, "Why We are Not Really All Doomed" because I've watched the doomsday prepare for the crazy events that they think will turn the world to chaos. He has his view on how the economy is doing and many tips for people on how to invest and how to do right for your neighbors. I found this article very interesting and I wanted to go more in depth.
     He brings about a great argument and brings it up in a way that helps portray his image to a greater variety of people. His plan is to stretch his idea to everyone so that he can help the world as a whole rather than just the people who understand economics well. Mr. Money uses an example about a nail gun to show the knowledge and human labor that we have saved by inventing the nail gun. The nail gun will always be here because we have the knowledge of the nail gun and it won't just go away now. It is getting cheaper to buy and is far more efficient than hand driving nails. He goes in depth about how there are doomers in the world. Doomers to him are people who complain that things are unsustainable and will fail at some point. I like he brings up the other side and talks about them in depth. He talks about their views and I like how he does this. I like the example of the nail gun as well because it connects to the audience more than just economic talk. He gets across his main point very well which is, people should assume that the economy is doing great and that is going to keep getting better. He chooses to use profanity to get it across that he really does believe what he is saying. To him, the economic problems will be solved because human beings as a whole gain more knowledge every day and we will be able to fix the problems at hand before they get out of hand. I agree with him in that sense and I believe in what he is preaching overall but there isn't many facts behind the assumption that we will solve our economic problems. That might make some people wonder if he is right and maybe not believe him but I do believe.
Link: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2014/03/03/why-we-are-not-really-all-doomed/

     One website that I love to look at and explore on is military.com. It lets you look up anything you want about the military. All the branches are covered and there are live news feeds that you can look and be informed on what is going on around the world with our military. When I was in high school, I was part of the ROTC program at my school and we would do projects on this website and I learned a lot about the military with this site. If you want to take the ASVAB, you can look on this website and it will walk you through it. If you want to look up cool things about the military or even work on enlisting you can start there.
Link: http://www.military.com/

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  1. I agree with you on this article the doomsday preppers are a little over the top and that we will gain more and more knowledge to fix the issues we are facing. But to look on their side I guess you can never be to safe right just in case something happens you will be prepared. I personally wouldn't do it but to each their own I guess.

  2. I think the article he wrote is a testament to technology. I mean technology isn't perfect, that doesn't make it unreliable either. They all have their glitches, but it is constantly a work in progress. Technology is always progressing with the bigger and better and more efficient "next thing".

  3. I agree with Rachel, technology is always going to be advancing even with the bumps in the road. As well as the world is never going to stop evolving and "Doomers" are always going to be in wait for the next sign something is going to fail.


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