Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Exploration- Rachel Hopper

       One thing that I found intriguing in the reading was Berry's idea that competition is a form of war.  The reason I find this interesting is because I think competition in the economy is very helpful.  I do agree with him that smaller economies are much more ideal and that they should be less institutionalized.  I found that this quote really captured my attention:

     "The law of competition is a simple paradox: Competition destroys competition.  The law of competition implies that many competitors, competing without restraint, will ultimately and inevitably reduce the number of competitors to one.  The law of competition, in short, is the law of war."

     Something else that I was reminded of is the recurring theme in our class: people today are obsessed with efficiency and convenience.  This theme has came up in the Fresh documentary that we watched in class, as well as the class discussing the excessive cell phone use issue.  Efficiency and convenience could become our own worst enemy if we let it.   
     One thing that I think could be talked about more is expanding our horizons and trying to break out of our comfort zones. There are many ways to do this.  You could read more or something that is different from what you would normally read.  Maybe go see a performance of some sort or try an activity that you normally don't find yourself doing that often or at all even.  I feel that having different experiences is how life is meant to be lived: to try new things and appreciate the little things.  It could be a learning experience.  You could possibly gain a skill. Or you could just be doing something just so you can say that you did it.  I feel like everyone could always break out of their comfort zone a little more.


  1. I agree that breaking out of our comfort zones is a very good idea. I feel like doing this allows a person to learn so much more about themselves and about their abilities. I think pushing yourself to break out of the same old habits or routines is how you can better yourself as a person - whether it is school, work, your social life, fitness, anything. If you stay in your comfort zone your whole life, you won't learn anything new or do anything different.

  2. I too agree with what you said about the need to break out of our comfort zones. I know that one way that I have broken out of my comfort zone is by going to college. I think that going to college really helps break peoples comfort zones because they are forced to meet new people and make new friends. It also allows you to meet people who are different from you and helps you understand where people come from.


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