Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Exploration- Jessica Stafford

     One of the ideas that stuck out to me in Wendell Berry's essay "The Idea of a Local Economy" is when he claims that us humans are basically oblivious that we are one of the main reasons causing the "Environmental crisis." Berry states, "The 'environmental crisis' has happened because the human household or economy is in conflict at almost every point with the household of nature. We have built our household on the assumption that the natural household is simple and can be simply used." Humans are taking advantage of these resources and when they run out then we rely on corporations to produce our food instead of producing locally like we should be to solve the crisis. I agree with this because we as Americans do rely on large corporations for many things and we could be helping the environment and the local economy if we produced more necessities locally.
I agree with what Eli said in his exploration when he said, If we grow more locally people would apply measures of agriculture that is better to the nature of the community because they know what would be best for their individual communities unlike large corporate companies that don't necessarily care for the well being of the community as long as they increase profits and find an efficient way to achieve mass production.
     One issue that can be experienced all around the country is the issue of people not speaking out because they are afraid of possible consequences. For example, in the California shootings a citizen claims to have noticed suspicious activity the night before the shooting but says they didn't inform police because they didn't want to be wrong and seem like they were in everyone's business. One of the shooter's parents even had some suspicion but did not want to criticize a family member. This has also been a case in many of the other shootings that have occurred. People have their suspicions that something is wrong but are afraid to tell someone and be wrong in public. If the person in California who noticed suspicious activity would've said something, maybe the shooting would have been prevented.


  1. I definitely agree with you that we can be so blind to see how much we affect the environment. We should be thinking of ways we can help, such as farming.

  2. I agree that people speaking out is a big problem in this day and age. I had no clue that someone noticed something suspicious going on the day before the California shooting. I believe this is a problem because people feel that if it doesn't affect them directly then why say anything at all. Why get involved? Which you can't really blame them because people only lookout for number one and that is themselves. I just hope that if I have an opportunity to speak up I do.


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