Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last exploration Eli Kuntupis

In The Idea of a Local Economy, Berry emphasizes that people should take action to enforce a local economy. A way of starting a local economy is to start with the food market, Berry claims. By making the food industry local it gives people more control over the product which in return will make the product better for you. Also the people would apply measures of agriculture that is better to the nature of the community because they are present in their community unlike large corporate companies that don't necessarily care for the well being of the community as long as they increase profits.

An issue that I think is a problem in our day of age that we don't talk enough about is how easily people get offended by others especially when others state their opinions or beliefs. One example of this recently is how Starbucks changed their cups for the holiday season. Starbucks changed their cups to the color red. This outraged many people. Those offended claimed that it was rude to those that celebrate Hanukkah, others had a problem saying that it didn't associate enough with christmas and thought that it was rude of starbucks to not mention a "merry christmas" or something along those lines on the cup. Some people that were offended try to boycott starbucks. In my opinion this is just laughable. If you are going to get offended by a solid red cup and you become that outraged to where you want to ruin their business i disagree with it but i still respect their choice and know thats just their opinion. What i don't like is how those people that were offended attacked starbucks based on Starbuck's views. I think that everyone is entitled to an opinion and you can disagree with an opinion but that doesn't mean their opinion is wrong. I think thats a big issue in todays society.


  1. Eli, thanks for getting us started! I'm looking forward to seeing you revise and expand this once others get more posts up here. I also believe people are too easily offended, and we'll never get anywhere unless we speak our ideas and feel free to do so. But I also think a lot of people don't know how to talk in a civil, respectful way. I see it all the time that people can't put their phones aside and engage eye to eye, or they simply don't want to. I think the missing ingredient is empathy, and we need to work on that, which in my opinion is a spiritual issue. It takes study, prayer, and reflection. I'm working on it myself, but there are things every day that distract me. No excuses, however. We have to try harder is we want a more civil culture, and I truly do.

  2. This is a fantastic piece, and I agree wholeheartedly on your stance and your opinion of how people get offended too easily. I have always believed that it was imperative that we be mindful of others and ensure that people don't take things the wrong way and to not alienate or push the situation more than it needs to go but instead of hearing each other and listening to diverse ideas, people get offended and it makes conversations hard and it prohibits people from talking.

  3. I like your point about a local economy allowing us to control products to better benefit us. When we rely so heavily on large corporations for production of necessities, we really don't know where it's coming from which causes us to have to be more cautious when considering the products' effects on our health.
    I also agree with your point that people are very easily offended today. I heard about people being offended by Starbuck's red holiday cups and it made me think about how hard it is to please everyone today without offending anyone. Like with the Starbucks cups, if they include "Merry Christmas" on the cup then they will make some of the people happier but then they will be offending the people who celebrate Hanukah and were wanting the cups to represent that holiday.

  4. Your line "I think that everyone is entitled to an opinion and you can disagree with an opinion but that doesn't mean their opinion is wrong" reminded me of one of my favorite quotes of all time:

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    (The quote has some ambiguity surrounding who said it, but most point to Voltaire)

    I agree with you that too many people are too easily offended.Too many people avoid talking about topics such as religion and politics simply because people get offended quickly by those subjects. This frustrates me to no end. If we can't discuss things of actual importance, how are we supposed to learn and grow as a society? How are we supposed to challenge each other's beliefs and grow as human beings? I believe being able to discuss things in a civil, respectful manner, without getting unnecessarily offended, is one of the most important traits to have.

  5. I completely agree with your part two. This world we live in is so hypersensitive to peoples beliefs and thoughts. This is why it is supposedly so important to be politically correct. I believe a reason this doesn't get enough attention is because liberal media is the cause of this. The media is now so liberally controlled that you would never see or hear of any story like this.


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