Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Exploration- Brianna Moore

In "The Idea of Local Economy" by Wendell Berry he talked a lot about how with the "environmental crisis" a lot of the people even if they do know about the problem they still ignore it, in order to help themselves feel better! "We can't hope to solve these problems without an increase of public awareness and concern." This is saying that if people don't care about the issue and are not aware of it that it will never go away. It seems that people are so obsessed with the idea of having everything that they want right now, so much that they fear inconvenience and will eventually lead the world to ruins. Today's society is all about now now now, but instead we should be looking at the things that our fear of inconvenience causes us. Like Ruksana said in her exploration that it’s so hard to enact widespread change in the current economy we live in, we want to do better but we don't necessarily know how to improve what we are doing.

An issue in today's society is world hunger, I mean as American's we waste and throw away so much food when there are third world countries with starving children who are not able to have the proper diet in order to survive and most of these children die from starvation. 

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  1. I agree with you about what you said about hunger in America. Hunger in America is a bigger issue than I think people understand. A fact I found that really surprised me about hunger is that 48.1 million people live in a food insecure household. I find this to really be shocking because there are over 318 million people in the united states. That is 15% of people living with a insecure food household. This is an issue that needs to be fixed and more food pantries need to be created. The sources I used were:


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