Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ain't Scared of Your Jails by Catelyn Millet

The biggest thing I learned from Ain't Scared of Your Jails is that even though they would get beat up and put in jail, they continued to fight for what they believe in. We can use what we learned in this film to continue to fight for discrimination that is still happening today. The young students risked being put in jail so they could live a life that is equal. Mrs. Alice Walker's son was one of the many students thrown in jail because of the sit-ins. He called his mom and just continued to say, "Be cool mom, be cool." This quote stuck out to me because her son continued to still be calm even though he was thrown in jail. From a couple little sit-ins in Nashville, the sit-ins spread to 69 cities and 2000 people were arrested. After the sit-ins, they eventually refused to go to stores and eventually they had a big march that consisted of 4000 people that continued to fight for blacks to be free.
Along with the sit-ins, refusing to go to stores, and the big march, they also started the Freedom Riders. Freedom Riders were an interracial group. They traveled to spread their fight for equality. On May 14th, they took two buses from Atlanta and headed to Birmingham. On the way there the first bus was bombed and twelve people were hospitalized and the second bus was met by an angry mob. The freedom riders were met with violence but they still continued to fight for what they believed in. They eventually got on Greyhound buses and continued their journey to Birmingham. John Patterson, the governor of Alabama made sure that they were protected on their travel because John F. Kennedy got a hold of him. After about 40 miles into the journey, the protection was gone.
When they reached Alabama, they were met with a group of angry white people that beat some of the freedom riders. Also while in Alabama, Martin Luther King Junior flew in to lead a rally. They were in a church and they could all hear the angry mob outside. While in the church listening to the mob outside, Martin Luther King Junior said, "Alabama will have to face the fact that we are determined to be free". This was such a bold quote that he made. It shows that they will continue to fight no matter what is thrown at them.

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