Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Exploration Travis Baum

        In the essay "The Idea of a Local Economy", Wendell Berry Strongly believes that a "Local Economy" is the answer to everything. Berry says "what has happened is that most people in our country, and apparently most people in the developed world, have given proxies to the corporations to produce and provide all of their food, clothing, and shelter. Moreover, they are rapidly giving proxies to corporations or governments to provide entertainment, education, child care, care of the sick and the elderly, and many other kinds of "service" that once were carried on informally and inexpensively by individuals or households or communities." What she means by this is that corporations and governments have all the control in todays society and if we start making small changes to limit their control it would help significantly. I agree with Wendell Berry because i too think the government has a bit too much control on things that we can take care of as a community and as families. I agree with Eli about how by making our food market local it will give people more control and then make the product better for you. This will limit corporations and the Governments say in what we eat and goes into the food we eat.

One issue that i believe we should talk more about in our culture is the use of technology and how it is taking over peoples lives. I believe we should talk to the younger generations about the use of cellphones and social media because it is a big problem in todays society and will only get worse as years pass. Ive seen kids that aren't even in the 5th grade yet with iPhones and that just mind boggled me. With the age of kids getting phones becoming younger by the year, i believe the issue of cyber bullying will become more relevant, mindless kids and social media mixed together will never end good.

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  1. I agree with you and how technology is a big problem now-a-days. Yet the gravity of the situation is still not understood by most people and I think it an issue that should be discussed with parents. I also believe that having a structure with how cellphones are handled in the house hold would help a lot of younger kids and what they do on social media. This footprint they are creating for themselves is destroying them and who they are going to turn out to be as elders.


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