Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Exploration by Catelyn Millet

One idea that stuck out to me in Wendell Berry's essay "The Idea of a Local Economy" is how much people actually play a big part in this. The quote that stuck out to me was "If people begin the effort to take back into their own power a significant portion of their economic responsibility, then their inevitable first discovery is that the "environmental crisis" is no such thing". People just don't realize how much they actually affect the economy. I agree with Jessica in saying that we are basically blind in seeing that we are a major part to the environmental crisis. We just don't want to put the blame on ourselves so we try to come up with other reasons that don't put us in the spotlight. We take advantage of the resources we have. People should focus on helping the environment by planting their own gardens or purchasing their own farm if they're capable of doing so.
One issue that I think we don't talk about enough is babies that are born from a mother that was a drug addict and did drugs while she was pregnant. I watched a short video today on Facebook about babies that are actually born with drug addictions because their mother did drugs while pregnant. It actually says in the video that U.S. laws require hospitals to report this to social services but it hardly ever happens. There's a mom in the video that actually lost her baby because of it. I think we need to spread more awareness about the issue. I think woman need to know what can happen to their child if they do drugs while pregnant. It's not fair to the baby. They don't deserve to be born into the world struggling with an addiction. Here is the link to the video I watched.


  1. I had absolutely no idea that babies could be born addicted to the substance their mother was addicted to. The video you linked to was absolutely heartbreaking. I agree, if more women understood the potential risk to their babies, they might be more inclined to seek treatment for their addictions and less children would be born into the world suffering unfairly.

  2. This subject touches me deeply because one of my nephews was born addicted to heroin due to the mother using while she was pregnant. He is okay now. He had some issues once he was born but they have all been taken care of. She no longer has custody of her children but it wasn't until much later, after a few incidents. Even though I do not get to see my niece and nephews very often, I am forever thankful that they eventually were put in better care. They are with the mother's parents who are a respectable and loving family.

  3. I agree that this is a huge issue. Another big issue that I think is directly related to this is how little responsibility people take for their actions. Instead of considering their baby's health, they only consider their own needs. If they would have thought about how that might affect their baby instead of thinking about how bad they want more of whatever drug they are on, maybe there would be fewer babies who would have to go through that. It's extremely upsetting how careless ad selfish people can be.


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