Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Exploration from Chas Jones

     Wendell Berry's essay, "The Idea of a Local Economy" was very interesting to read. This is because Berry's writing style and diction are very complex. Its not that he leaves the reader to interpret for themselves but the facts and information he gives the reader really makes the reader think about the possibilities. That is the main reason I found this essay interesting , is because the thinking it makes us do. A quote that I found complex is, "The "environmental crisis" has happened because the human household or economy is in conflict at almost every point with the household of nature." I found this quote to be complicated because Berry makes the problem seem and sound so simple but the answers are quite complex for the average American to understand. I believe the problem with this essay is there are unlimited questions and problems that need answers but there is a limited amount of answers.
    I agree with Rachael's statement on Berry's quote of competition being war. I agree with her on the basis of completion bringing out the best of us but I also agree with Berry's interpretation of competition but with a different meaning. I also believe that competition is similar to war. Berry uses this negatively but I try to make a positive out of this and that is that war always gives us an answer. Yes, there is a lot of destruction during war but in the end the best man always comes out on top. Also war will always give us more answers than questions.
     I am very passionate about the sport of baseball. I believe that in all sports you can learn valuable life lessons but I think baseball is different than all other sports. Baseball is a dying sport which is a shame. It is now known as Americas past time instead of like football being the present and the future of sports. It is well known as being a "boring" sport to watch and to play. This is the main reason why baseball is dying in America. Baseball represents everything that made America great. Yes it is a "slow" sport for modern fast paced America but that is what it teaches us. Good things come with patients, which sounds dumb in this fast paced, we need it now, world. Also in baseball there in no running out the clock because there is no clock. In football and basketball you can waste clock and not give the ball back to the opponent which I believe is to easy. In baseball you have to throw the next pitch, you can't just say "we are up by a run so I"m not gonna let the other team have a chance to hit." You can't do that, you have to finish the game strong and that is also why no team is ever out of it. Just like in life, no matter what, you still have hope and can still be successful.

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