Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slots and times for Presentations in English 1110

Tuesday, Dec. 1

1. Alan and Jared: Apple II computers (object)
2.  Natalee and Jessica: Jesse Owens (person)
3. Chas Jones and Travis Baum: Super Bowl (event)
4. Nick and Jirah: Georgia O'Keefe (person)

Thursday, Dec. 3

1. Jack and Darrin: 9-11 Memorial (object/event)
2. Rachel and Elizabeth: Hiroshima bomb (event)
3. Tanner and Morgan: St. Louis Arch (object)
4.  Andy and Brady: M-16 rifle (object)

Tuesday, Dec. 8 (last class)

1. Mason and Brandon: Teddy Roosevelt (person)
2. Eli and John: Kent State shootings (event)
3. Ruksana and Brianna: Andy Warhol (person)
4. Catelyn and Kiaya: Misty Copeland (person)

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