Monday, November 30, 2015

Exploration 7: Natalee Christman

The number one thing I learned from the film Ain't Scared of Your jails is that segregation and hate crimes were not only in small southern communities. They were also in large metropolitan cities such as Nashville Tennessee. I believe that this information still pertains to todays society. We can look at the attacks that are happening in to minorities in large cities such as the African Americans in Chicago and also the police. Both of these groups are minorities in todays society and they both are involved in crimes that are related to their ethnicity and to their employment.
  One Statistic from the film that really stood out to me was that of 300 freedom riders were arrested in the state of Mississippi. I know that they were arrested to keep them safe but, I found this to be very upsetting. These people were just trying to gain freedom and they were doing it peacefully. I also find this to be extremely wasteful with money on Mississippi's behalf. Tax payers money was paying to keep the freedom riders and the riders had not done anything wrong. One quote that really stood out to me was "Alabama will have to face the fact that we are determined to be free"-MLK. I thought this quote was very effective because Alabama did face the fact that they were going to be free and they protected the protesters. I also thought that it was nice because it was said by a very influential person, Martin Luther King Jr. during a sermon in Alabama and the national guard was protecting the church. Another quote that really stood out to me was "Im taking a ride on the Greyhound bus line, Im a riding from seat to Jackson this time. Hallelujah Im a traveling, hallelujah aint it fine, hallelujah Im a traveling down freedoms main line"- James Farmer. This was a song that freedom riders sang when they were on their way to Jackson Mississippi. I thought that this song just showed the accomplishment of the freedom riders and how happy they were with themselves.
  One way of protesting to me that really stood out was the Freedom Rides. I thought that this was the most effective way to protest because the bus was always moving and the word was always spreading. With the Sit-ins they protesters were only able to go to a couple lunch counters a day with the freedom rides they could go through multiple states in a day. Also the Freedom Rides resulted in Alabama protecting the riders and this was a big step.

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