Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Exploration 7:Chas Jones

      The biggest idea that I learned from the film "Aint Scared of Your Jails" is that there is a solution to even the most difficult problems. Racism has and sadly will always be a problem on earth but segregation has an easy fix. History shows that the people for segregation always lose. An a example is the civil war an the holocaust. A way we can connect this to our world today is with the police and black crime. No matter what view you have on this touchy topic there is a solution out there, we just have to find it.
      I think a big tactic that can be taught from this film is the use of nonviolence. When Alice Walkers son was arrested, along with 80 other black people, after the sit ins in Nashville, he told his mother "be cool mother, be cool." That is amazing to me that he can have the mental toughness to stay nonviolent himself and tell others to be nonviolent after being prosecuted like he just was.
     It was crazy to me to learn about how people thought back then and to think that it was normal. When the Nashville sit ins were occurring, white people didn't know what to do. A white women was quoted saying "it is a violation of whites civil rights." Also Diane Nash said that the waitress was shaking and dropping plates when they were doing the sit ins. This just shows how crazy and unheard of that was back then but now it is completely normal now and what they did back then is crazy to us.

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